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Gopali Doyle
Gopali Doyle

A field of sunflowers in Murwillumbah NSW

Zuzana Meskova
Zuzana Meskova

Free Flow Yoga & Health Studio


Monday - Saturday / Bookings Essential / Class numbers capped. Online classes will continue to be available live stream and recorded. Please see timetable for details.

Studio memberships also include full online class access!


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41 - 43 Commercial Rd, Murwillumbah, 

NSW, 2484

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9.30am VinYin studio & online

5.30pm Vinyasa (warm)

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9.30 am Vinyasa (warm)

5.30pm Yin Yoga (warm)

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7am Qi Gong Flow online

9.30am Vinyasa (warm) studio & online

5.30pm Yin Yoga (warm)

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6am Gentle Flow (warm)

9.30am Hatha Flow studio & online

Sunflower / Free Flow Yoga & Health


6am Power flow (warm)

9.30am Vinyasa studio & online (returns Jan 2020)

5.30pm Hot Hatha (hot)

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7am Hot Hatha (hot)

8.30am Vinyasa studio & online 

due to COVID19 protocol bookings are essential

Our teachers
Zuzana Meskova / Mt Warning

Zuzana Meskova

Founder / Senior Teacher

Zuzana is deeply passionate about guiding students through yogic tools to transform negative habits, beliefs & physical body patterns. see more......

Gopali Doyle / Mt Warning

Gopali Doyle

Senior Teacher

Gopali is an incredibly earthy, warm and inspiring teacher, who touches the heart of all that practice with her.

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Marli Sloan

Yoga Teacher

Marli feels blessed to be able to share the gift of yoga with others. Her classes are beautifully raw, dynamic & strong yet nurturing.


Ivy Barkova

Senior Teacher

Ivie brings an authentic approach to teaching which stems from her travels and rich experiences in life.  see more......


Katrina Leavitt

Senior Teacher

Kat's love for yoga is entirely infectious just like her smile! Her classes are soft, nurturing yet strong

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Cooper Conlan

Yoga Teacher

A student of yoga for many years, Cooper's teaching journey was a natural evolution. His classes are gentle, restorative and re-energising.

A gentle but deep stretching class with targets the my-fascia or soft tissue of the body. Great for preventing tightness we are prone to experiencing with age and inactivity, as well as with exercise. Using bolsters and props to support the body, the poses are held for 3 - 5 minutes to allow a deep tissue release, ending with a guided meditation.

The perfect balance of Yin and Yang! The first half of this class is a flowing warm Vinyasa practice, while the second half is a cooling deep stretching. You will leave the class feeling like you have worked the body, while re-connecting to your blissful relaxed state of inner peace that practicing Yin allows us to access within. 

Our Qi Gong Flow is a powerful yet gentle movement, breath and energy work practice. It is a Chinese Traditional Movement medicine. This is a medical Qi Gong class, teaching to feel, move and build our qi - the life force energy, and increase its flow through our meridians.

Our Hatha Flow class is a creative fusion. The movement from pose to pose is fluid and connected and the sequence is a little different every time. There are no 'vinyasa' or strong upper body weight bearing postures in this class, which means it is great for anyone with shoulder, wrist or elbow injuries, as there is not too much pressure on these joints. This is a whole body therapeutic class, with an emphasis on the health of the spine. Great for rehabilitating old injuries, building strength.

A beautiful flowing yoga class where postures are linked by vinyasa (downward dogs and upward dogs). Breath and movement combine to bring amazing benefits internally and externally. The class is different every time depending on the needs of the class and what the teacher wishes to focus on.

Yin Yoga

Hatha Flow


Qi Gong Flow