Created by Free Flow Yoga Murwillumbah 2016

Welcome to Free Flow Yoga, a boutique yoga studio in Murwillumbah overlooking the beautiful Tweed river. 

Our vision is to empower our students with ancient tools enabling them to return to their state of Free Flow, the natural state of optimal physical, emotional and energetic health.

We offer a range of yoga classes to suit everyone from beginners to experienced yogis - join our friendly, non-competitive community of like minded humans today!

In accordance with ancient Ayurvedic principles, during the winter months all our classes are pleasantly heated, whilst during the summer months some of our classes are unheated and some are only gently heated. We heat our studio using only a therapeutic infrared heat to help detoxify the body, stimulate circulation, strengthen the immune system, ease musculoskeletal aches and pains and aid deep stretching at a cellular level. The result is a healthy body and mind and a purified glowing complexion.


Our yoga classes will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed, with every class including a blissful guided meditation.