Created by Hot Yoga Murwillumbah 2016

Free Flow Hot Yoga is a unique Hot Yoga studio that recognises ancient Ayurvedic principles. 

During the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons our classes are heated to varying degrees using gentle far infrared heaters to stimulate sluggish circulation, draw out toxins and boost the immune system, along with helping to soften muscle and other connective tissues allowing for a deeper release. 

During the Summer months, our Hot Hatha and Power classes remain heated, whilst our Vinyasa and Vin-Yin classes are only heated if the room drops below 30 degrees (very rare in the heat of Murbah summer). Yin classes are not heated during Spring, Summer and Autumn at all, and are just toasty warm in winter. 

This philosophy is in line with Ayurveda, a Vedic system of healing that is known as the sister science of yoga, translating as the 'science of life'. We honour the seasons, and in doing so are able to create a studio practice environment that freely flows with the seasons of Earth and our own seasons of life.


We are a friendly studio that welcomes all students, young and old, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Our teachers always encourage a compassionate yoga practice, and you will always be guided to listen to your body and do as much or as little as it serves you on any given day. 


Free Flow Yoga offers a variety of different yoga styles and classes, click here to find out more.