Created by Free Flow Yoga Murwillumbah 2016

Class Preparation

Please bring a large beach towel to place over your mat, a mat and water.

Mats and towels can be hired for $2

No Bookings required, please arrive 20 mins before class starts.



6am Vinyasa

9.30am VinYin

5.30pm Vinyasa



9.30am Vinyasa

5.30pm VinYin


6.00am Power Flow

5.30pm Hot Hatha


9.30am Vinyasa

5.30pm Yin Yoga



6.00am Slow Flow

9.30am Hatha Flow


7.00am Hot Hatha

8.30am Vinyasa



We have a range of classes and compassionate teaching styles to suit everybody, including people with injuries, beginners and those with certain medical conditions. All our classes are 60 minutes and incorporate pranayama (breath control), asana (posture) and meditation. We combine traditional yogic teachings with a modern, fun approach to treat the body, mind and soul.


A beautiful flowing yoga class where postures are linked by vinyasa (downward dogs and upward dogs). Breath and movement combine to bring amazing benefits internally and externally. The class is different every time depending on the needs of the class and what the teacher wishes to focus on. The room is heated to 30 degrees for this class, often unheated during the hotter summer months.


VIN-YIN (Vinyasa-Yin)

The perfect balance of YIN and YANG! The first half of this class is a flowing warm Vinyasa practice, while the second half is a cooling, deep stretching Yin style of yoga. You will leave the class feeling like you have worked the body, while re-connecting to your blissful relaxed state of inner peace that practicing Yin allows us to access within. Unheated during the summer months, heated to 30 degrees in the cooler season.


This is our hottest class but it is very beginner friendly as the transitions are slow and the sequence is the same everytime. The classic hot hatha class consists of 26 Postures and 2 Breathing exercises and is heated to 36 degrees to encourage a deep detox and a great muscle release. It is also great for anyone with upper body and wrist injuries as there is very little upper body weight bearing. A full body workout and deep detox which stretches and strengthens every muscle group. Work as hard or as easy as you feel appropriate!




A stronger vinyasa flow class which is different every time. It involves upper body work and there is a deep core focus on activating and strengthening. Take your practice further with arm balances and other fun challenges. The mind and the body will be challenged.

but you are always encouraged to work within your limits and modifications are always offered. This class heated to 32 degrees.



A gentle but deep stretching class which targets the myofascia or soft tissue of the body. Great for preventing the tightness we are prone to experiencing with age and inactivity, as well as with exercise. Using bolsters and props to support the body, the poses are held for 3-5minutes to allow a deep tissue release, ending with a guided meditation. This class will leave you stretched out and blissed out. Traditionally a cooling practice, non-heated in summer, lightly heated in winter to feel cosy.



This is a gentle yet flowing vinyasa class, focusing on movement and breath. It moves slower and allows for a soothing experience for body mind and soul. A great way for those new to vinyasa style yoga due to the slower movement and more restorative feel without the stronger core and upper body strength building postures of traditional vinyasa.  Non-heated in summer, heated in winter to feel cosy.


Our Hatha Flow class is a creative fusion blending poses from the classic therapeutic hot hatha yoga sequence (26 postures and 2 breathing exercises) with a variety of flow postures. The movement from pose to pose is fluid and connected and the sequence is a little different every time. There are no 'vinyasas' or strong upper body weight bearing postures in this class, which means it's a great class for anyone with shoulder, wrist or elbow injury as there is not too much pressure on these joints. This is a whole body therapeutic class, with an emphasis on the health of our spine. Great for rehabilitating old injuries, building strength and cleansing the skin with a good sweat out! Suitable for all levels. Heated to 32 degrees.